November 26th, 2015

CMSA; out of all the voices in my head (!)there's one i call "Art" who i listen to while i paint...she's a whispering muse, and the "I" has to be careful and listen well in order to hear her; she only expresses two emotions...when something i'm painting is right i feel a little click of things falling into place and a little sigh of satisfaction from her. all is well. When things are not right she whispers that fact to me...she doesn't know how to fix it herself, but she wants "me " to attend to it; and if i don't listen (and who wants to hear bad news?") she'll play the petty tyrant and annoy me til i do...I HATE IT WHEN SHE'S RIGHT! here's a pic of me (having nothing to do with previous comment; youre just supposed to post a pic) and my painting pal marta alonso; she's getting a prize and a kiss for being the coolest