June 24th, 2019

cmsa;while i've been up north a few years raising kids, sexual politics and feminism has been undergoing a huge shift down here in LA. Yesterday's open studio and public painting event brought it home for me. I found myself chatting on the couch with three beautiful young women, and one beautiful young man. As a person with social phobias, i was amazed at how confident and comfortable in their own skins they seemed to be, way more than i have ever been (even tho i was atleast 40 years older then they). Despite their youth, they all made a comfortable living (something i still haven't managed) and seemed self confident to a degree well beyond their years...Plus they were kind and friendly, generous really, patiently answering all my questions about how they got to be so self assured. So what college, self improvement program produced this new and improved model of youthful humanity? NONE! They're autonomous independent contractors in the sex industry (film and web cam from home, specifically)…I’ve been wondering ever since how my own painting career might have gone differently if I could’ve started out feeling as empowered as they? I’m also marveling at their “empowerment” because, back in my youth, that was not a word you would normally associate with the sex industry’s treatment of women. The “times they are a changing”, and sometimes for the better.

June 22nd, 2019

cmsa;sometimes in between painting, for a treat, i sculpt a little something with polymer clay. This one is going to be a portrait of Willie Loman (death of a salesman) ; when it's done he'll be wearing a wife beater and boxer shorts, in a creepy little cage with an apple tree growing out of his side. Working title "Seed Bed Two" , "Seed Bed One" is that extremely weird piece by Vito Acconci years ago; he erected a ramp up over a platform then down the other side ,it was in new york, maybe at the Modern? (pleas assist art historians). There was text next to the piece instructing you to walk across the ramp, and informing you that the artist was physically present in the space below the platform and that he was "masterbating", and thats the "seedbed" he was referring to in the title. Usually i hate performance art, but for it's sheer freakishness , his work has always inspired me to let my own "freak flag fly" , an important lesson for any contemporary artist, nothing is too "weird" as long as it comes from the heart!!!

June 18th, 2019

cmsa; this one(Beware the Crone's Embrace) joins a private collection and will keep "Alt Jesus" company...I am grateful to this remarkable collector; Paul Houson ...heaven sent and supports many of us here at the brewery!!!!This is my happy face, to have found a collector who follows his heart, not the latest art star! many thanks to paul and his partner nelson.

June 14th, 2019

cmsa; Artist Chuck Connelly made me laugh today with this painting (bird and cat); It's exactly the story of my life; i too have a cage of my own design and that is self-limiting, but i stay in there because it'd be too scary to be out there with the cat!.....bravo friend! Here's two versions of my own, both called "A Cage of Her Own Design"

June 12th, 2019

cmsa; here we go with artist Chuck Connelly ; he ventures out when it warms up in one my favorite cities in the whole world (phila.), and paints one of the most animated bushes and houses i have ever seen...love it!

June 11th, 2019

cmsa; bravo cmsa alum, Maurice , who holds down a job, and all the time consuming responsibilities of regular life, yet always finds the energy for art loving and art making...I think he finds a harmonic balance this way....thank you Maurice

June 6th, 2019

cmsa; unbelievable; humanitarian aid is a crime now.....i picked up a young "son in art" just north of Ajo after he had been abandoned and wandered alone for four days in the desert. Things are getting so bad we might all have to risk our liberty as our govt becomes more fascist and nationalistic.

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 5.55.12 PM.png

May 18th, 2019

Cmsa: the best ideas are the simplest ideas; when I look at an artwork and hear that little voice in my head hiss at me “why didn’t you think of that?” , I know I really loved it! And the medium is sand!!!!thats gotta b hard.

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 5.53.18 PM.png

May 13th, 2019

cmsa; swung by home depot to find a handyman to help with stuff i needed done. Found one named Francisco; he came to my place and when he saw it was a studio he kept saying "i'm an artists model" i thought it was a joke until he whipped out his phone and showed me his portrait done by this artist John Sonsini....small world at the home depot parking lot.

May 9th, 2019

cmsa; well facebook sort of gets it here, don't know how...love to robert!!!!!!!!!!paint on bro!!!!

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 5.49.52 PM.png

May 6th, 2019

cmsa; thank god for Planned Parenthood...Unplanned pregnancy rarely a good thing for any young artist's career, it's already hard enough....


April 28th, 2019

cmsa; you gotta love creative people, they always have a lot of whimsey, never color within the lines, never do what they're told, never see the thing the way it was intended. Sometimes a square stops even trying to fit into the round hole

April 19th, 2019

cmsa; a dream house, and the most wonderful place i ever got to live(willits ca) ...i love my life now too, but this memory always make me tear up, equal parts sorrow that it's over, and gratitude that it was.......showing the bronze weather vane i made for her on the top of the witches tower and today in my los angeles studio...

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