June 22nd, 2019

cmsa;sometimes in between painting, for a treat, i sculpt a little something with polymer clay. This one is going to be a portrait of Willie Loman (death of a salesman) ; when it's done he'll be wearing a wife beater and boxer shorts, in a creepy little cage with an apple tree growing out of his side. Working title "Seed Bed Two" , "Seed Bed One" is that extremely weird piece by Vito Acconci years ago; he erected a ramp up over a platform then down the other side ,it was in new york, maybe at the Modern? (pleas assist art historians). There was text next to the piece instructing you to walk across the ramp, and informing you that the artist was physically present in the space below the platform and that he was "masterbating", and thats the "seedbed" he was referring to in the title. Usually i hate performance art, but for it's sheer freakishness , his work has always inspired me to let my own "freak flag fly" , an important lesson for any contemporary artist, nothing is too "weird" as long as it comes from the heart!!!