November 21st, 2015

CMSA; I've been hangin with a 102 year old this week and she is finally having the short term memory loss that she has avoided til now; She's just like my mac when the harddrive is almost full: she'll run too glitchy if she tries to add the new files, so her mind just has to delete them. And she's already glitchy enough! here's a photo of her with the face cropped out because she's doesn't like the way she's been such a miserable week; she feels too weak to walk without the walker in front and a human walker (this week it's me) behind whenever she moves; which is dictated by trips to bathroom at remarkaby short intervals...snd if i walk with anything other than the snail shuffle that characterizes her walk i step on her heels..think of us , just the two of us; a sort of geriatric choo choo train following the track between bathroom and chair...toot toot