October 3rd, 2018

cmsa; any student looking for a painting is welcome to try this; beginning of the advanced curriculum;
dear daughter in art;
cynda valle <cyndavalle@gmail.com>

hey girl, gonna guess some of your 5 or so paintings you got going are done? send images of them when they are done. I think it's time to start a new one too, try a little larger (36x24 +/-) and i offer this for your inspiration; they are stained glass windows and space "nebula" i think?
What they have in common is luminosity; Luminosity means; appears to be lit from within. and as many oil painters profess (including me) i'm all about painting luminous images. 
I would like you to be inspired to paint a luminous painting yourself. 
Please note how the inspiration photos achieve luminosity in two traditional ways'
1. Glazing; thinner glazes produce brightest colors possible
2. Chiaroscuro; the basic law of "all is relative" ; in this case; the darker the surrounding surfaces are, the more luminous the lit areas become.
So the ultimate goal is luminosity, by demonstrating the principles of chiaroscuro and glazing. beyond that, be inspired in anyway you want by the images. Try to think of the project in the back of your mind, while doing boring stuff, inspiration most likely to happen than, and give it time, every time your idea morphs it becomes something more a thing on it's own, I call it "growing the idea", eventuallly, youre just along for the ride, the medium, not the author, it feels amazing