December 2nd, 2018

cmsa; Thanks Kevin Flint for turning me on to this artist (robo lights guy in palm springs) He reminds me of a criticism of myself from many years ago " the artist seems conflicted between dreams and nightmares"( Ruth Weisburg) for artweek). Anyway you'll never see xmas the same! 
Photo #1
haven't driven east to palm springs in many moons, happy to see the dinos seem well cared for, but sad that iconic diner's gone, remember it sold tacky lacquered redwood slabs?
Photo #2
Robo lights sculptures reminded me alot of Bruegel, this one blew me away and gave me the creeps . 
Photo #3
Ditto this one (gave me the creeps) . I'm sure it will inspire a painting called "brave new world"
Photo #4
i thought i had seen every "alt. medium" known to man in the art of the last generation (Tar, tooth picks , hair, plastic trash of all kinds, broken cds, dental floss etc.) But this was a first for me; i keep thinking how satisfying it must have been to pour resin and fruit loops (most iconic of american cereals) into a hollow duck
#5 My current favorite wingwoman at our motel (off season rates so amazing, luxury room for two, $100 in palm springs!!); the devine Jacquelyne May, thanks buddy!

if i've piqued your interest it's too late, as always seems the case for living artists; this one misunderstood, maligned and closed down permanently now by the residents of the mega posh neighborhood he built this in. 
Dear crazy palm springs robo lights guy, DON'T LET THE BASTARDS GET YOU DOWN!, best wishes and love from your fan, cynda mary