January 26th, 2018.

cmsa; here’s something i noticed; i live in a large artists community in Los Angeles. When i moved here 2 years ago i was worried all my neighbors would be the age of my kids…and i felt way too young at heart to be the resident grandma. To my surprise and delight i found dozens of artists who like me, had more life behind than we have in front. I realize now there are legions of us; artists aged 50 to death, but from a social, cultural point of view we are invisible. And we’re in trouble. While others of our generation “prepared for a secure retirement” , getting pensions and plump ss checks, socking away money etc….we never have had sufficient sales , or never got that cherry teaching position, so we were not able to , now at “retirement age”, or almost, or way past, we need to continue to work and understand our sunset years will be more about risk , and less about comfort and security. i’m not even sure medicare will be there anymore when i hit 65… Figuring out how to manage all this is gonna require some serious creative problem solving. please share your ideas love, cynda mary