February 14th, 2018.

cmsa; a valentines message; painting on the left is my squirrels when they were babies (nest fell out of tree in storm) and so was Kacee Tyler....i used to have two squirrels, one died about a month in, lost the second one 2 years later...i managed to return her to backyard where she lived happily for two years, terrorizing all my cmsa students llike a real punk;
she would hang out by the entrance to cmsa, norcal, if she didin't get a pecan immediately from a student entering ,she would climb up their (often bare legs!) and bite if she could...so the students took to always arriving and leaving with a pecan in their pocket...she and the mail lady got into it so bad at the mailbox (kujo considered it part of her territory) they disappeared into a cloud of dust. The poor mobile lady locksmith got badly bitten when kujo decided to occupy the tool box in the back of her truck...but i loved her (squirrel, not locksmith!) very much, and she never bit me, treated me like a cross between a mom and a tree. Finally she grew enormously pregnant with her first litter...just as she seemed about to pop (i could relate!) she disappeared , i'm gonna guess too big and clumsy to avoid a predator...I don't think she ever had that litter because the backyard didn't suddenly fill with enormous killer squirrels a few months later.... i loved that squirrel as much as anyone has ever loved a fur-baby, and i painted her as often as i could; First one here "kacee and the squirrels"...you must wonder did i learn my lesson about messing with mother natures plan? well sort of, i think i'll stick to baby birds from here on out! here i am (about to pop myself) with my first and most succcessful bird (house finch) rescue; me and "tweety" circa 1992.