November 26th, 2017.

CMSA; Commission for Howard Hospital Chapel;

"A Place for You" oil on linen

When my sister was dying of cancer at Cottage hospital in Santa Barbara, i typically stopped and looked at the oil paintings displayed every time i came and left her room, and i was comforted. They were simple landscape paintings of what appeared to be the surrounding foothills. It wasn't the image but rather the late afternoon (or early morning) light depicted that soothed me. I learned then, that golden light can touch the soul and remind the viewer of "the bigger picture". It hints at the Spirit that binds us all together, without the specific trappings of any particular religion. To paint this light, as it illuminates a typical mendo county landscape was my intention in "A Place for You".. I sincerely hope it will give solace to those who visit the chapel . Cynda Valle