July 20th, 2016.

CMSA; excited for my first opportunity to participate in the local arts scene....and i love the theme, and the title!!..
.Art Share L.A. is thrilled to announce our Fall 2016 Gallery Season
"Bury the Lead" — Exhibition 9/7 - 9/25
Gallery Opening: 9/10, 7-10PM.
Story, story, story. The artists in this group are exceptionally dedicated to the act of narrative, to the writing of ambiguous headlines, to mystery-laden overshares, and to laying lives bare the better to understand what connects us to one another.
with Victoria Sebanz, thanks victoria!
Locke King
Francisco Palomares
Luciano Podcaminsky
Malka Nedivi
Robben Muñoz
Anthony Zavala
Carrie Wolocko
Cynda Valle
Christina Korn
Meg Madison
Bibi Davidson
Lori Antoinette