August 19th, 2016.

CMSA; a note to working mother/artist and my facebook friend River Darling.
it is as hard as ever to be a parent and an artist; our society doesn't pay us for either!!!!!!!!!!shame on them....and you only have a finite amount of energy and your children need it all, that's true...being an artist was a mixed blessing when my kids were little; it waas great cuz i was less impatient and more cheerful if i got to paint a bit. but your'e so right about the kid needing all of you every moment you can spare...i regret that i would sometimes (under times of great duress, which happened frequently) retreat to the attic to paint and lock the my everlasting fshame i remember my toddlers beating on that closed i think you are right; if you have the generosity to give your child all of you i agree that's better for the child so brava! and you are young; you will have your art time full time i hope when your kids are grown and your money made...these days women get to live so long i've felt like turning 60 was like turning 18; that theres still alot of life and alot of time to paint...i made a deal with my husband too; i asked him to get the kids up and feed them breakfast etc.f so i could sleep til 8 or 9 am; that allowed me to work nights (usually 9pm to 1 or so)...loved those quiet nights, will learn to take advantage of these moments and you will never suffer from artists block again; a working mother simply has a great need to create and not a minute to waste...i learned to work faster ....procrastinate less...and keep a sketchbook so you don't loose all the lovely ideas youre coming up with; you need to get them down, they're like money in the bank, and if you don't , you'll forget your work (like i do) ; even if you
are isolated from other artists you have a loving facebook community that would love to be involved with you and your life...find the other moms trying to do the same . ps. when i was nursing i'm also ashamed to remember i would find dabs of paint on the poor babies bald occupational hazard for being my sons... and you will do this cuz it's in you, so you have to find a way...all my love and support , cynda