May 8th, 2016.

CMSA;I would have to call my painterly outlook at the moment pretty dark...hard not to be, as i'm taking inspiration from somewhat traumatic events and conditions of my early childhood....not to say that my childhood was particularly traumatic except for from the tiny perspective of the small child i was at the time. i'm afraid i'm also a believer in "van gogh syndrome"; that artists tend toward melancholy as one of the unpleasant side effects of the hypersensitivity that made them artists in the first place...i also think that "happiness" is not a state i will ever stay in for any length of time but i do feel it as one extreme in a continuum of emotions that i am constantly cycling through.. Not saying this is true of every artist, just me and a few of my friends....i'm adding here a response from today's art angel Carlin Diamond; "I call it divine discontent, the prod to finer expression of the deep stirrings rising from the bottom of the absolutely necessary ingredient in the fabric of one's artistic soul comes forth to be included." yeah, Carlin Diamond...what you said!