January 1st, 2016

CMSA jan 1, 2016...writing that date freaks me out...i spent most of my early life imagining what i'd be like at 44 in the year 2000..but never paused to consider life after 2000, it was just too unimaginable...born in 1955 i was of the first generation sold a concept of life based on disneyland. i assumed that everything would work out well in the end...like a disney story. if the last 40 years have proved anything, it is that life is NOT like a disney story. only lately do i feel like i;ve begun to develop the resources and maturity to deal with life as i've actually found it to be (VERY HARD)...GOOD THING 60 IS THE NEW 40...HOPEFULLY I'LL HAVE THE TIME TO CONTINUE TO DEVELOP THE NEW "OLDER BUT WISER" ME...HAPPY 2016, LOVE, CYNDA