April 21st, 2016.

CMSA;next steps for undrpainting glazing on this small painting (8x14 inches) ; i struggled and experimented endlessly over the years for an effective underpainting for glaze layers; i was almost 54 when a facebook friend and awesome Los angeles painter (he and his pals are putting representational art back into the fine art commercial system) ; F Scott Hess (i always wonder what the f stands for) generously shared the secret to glaze underpaiinting that i had been missing.. solves the issue of glaze layers piling up to a too dark color...the secret is you just keep reintroducing and building up the white underpainting after EVERY GLAZE LAYER...IF THE LAYERS ARE PRODUCING TOO DARK A COLOR. IT'S CALLED MIXED WHITE (THOUGH ENGLISH IS NOT THE ORIGINAL LANGUAGE OF THE NAME) IT COMEs FROM EUROPE WHERE SCOTT GOT THE TRADITIONAL painting TRAINING THAT I MISSED HERE IN THE STATES; PHOTOS SHOW: 1: ORIGINAL UNDERPAINTING WITH FIRST GLAZE LAYERS, 2. SHOWS REWHITE ON TOP OF THE DRY FIRST GLAZE . 3: SHOWs A DETAIL OF THE FIRST REWHITE STEP..I EXAGGERATE THE COLOR AND THE CONTRAST AT THIS POINT..WANNA LEARN THIS TECHNIQUE AS WELL AS IMPRESSIONIST ALA PRIMA PAINTING? it is way easier to understand and it makes perfect erganomic sense if you see it done as opposed to reading about it. .. WORKSHOP COMING UP HERE AT THE BRWERY STUDIO IN LOS ANGELES : 4 FULL DAYS $300.00 BEGINNERS WELCOME BUT SOME ESPERIENCE WITH ARTMAKING IS An ASSET...as you can see, the ability to spell and use proper grammer is not required