September 16th, 2016.


One reason i adore Bob Ross is he loved and raised squirrel babies just like me...and if you watch a program and listen to his instructions, his method is sound and based on the classic traditions of oil painting as he learned from his european mentor...i think back in the "painting is dead" phase of art ,europe, china, and russia were about the only places keeping the technical traditions alive while we in the states were too busy making installations and perforrmace art, We were more into "freely expressing "ourselves to bother with the notion of craft as it applied to any medium...the prevailing attitude in the art schools was that learning technique and working years to perfect it was uncool as it might inhibit your "free expression"..i admit the bob ross classes produced a huge proportion of horrible paintings that all looked alike; they abound in thrift stores and they are often seen ib the walls of cheap motels to this day...put i'm much in favor of bob rosses ability to get complete novices excited about oil painting, and his calm approach and personality made everybody actuallly feel like they could paint...also it turns out many latch key kids back in the 70's watched his show faithfully and found him comforting and watching him paint soothing...not bad bob ross! except for your horrible hairdo i think you rock!