June 22nd. 2017.

CMSA: The Muse
I have a muse, but it's not a beautiful woman...It's a gnarly dude named ART....ART wears a stained wife beater and sits around all day drinking beer in a broken down old Barcalounger and giving orders; He's a jealous lover too (in case he knocks on your studio door one night);he wants your undivided attention regardless of any real life commitments(family , job etc) you may have...He'd rather you be with him (in the studio) than sleep....You must attend to his every whim, cuz if you don't he may leave you and go hang out in someone else's studio...(That's happened before and you hated it!). In fact even though you love him completely and madly he will take many other lovers. Despite it all you are infatuated and do your best to please him. so if there's a knock on the studio door one night ANSWER IT, but beware