"Venus of Mayberry" cynda valle, 52x42 incles, oil on linen
The Honeymooners
All That Glitters...
One Foot Out the Door
My Favorite Martian
Pick Your Poison (Study)
Eddie's Girl
...Shaky Ground
Family Circle
Down For the Count
Things Go Better...
Gotta Light?
"Father Knows Best"
"Dressed to Kill
"Remember When?
"Once and Future Girl"
Olympia and the GoGo Boots, oil on linen 32x54
"A Dubious Honor" oil on linen 30x34
"Never Look Back" oil on linen 34x54"
"Family Tree" oil  on linen, 12x17"
"She Gone" oil on linen, 17x12"
"STOP!" oil on linen, 16x23"
"Fire Breather" oil on linen, 42x36"
"Paradise Lost" oil on linen 17x13"
"The Pink Rifle" oil on linen, 22x14"
"Walking the Plank" oil on linen, 45x35"
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