April 4th, 2019

cmsa; my painting got to go to TRAC, she's hanging somewhere there; "Beware the Crone's Embrace" cynda valle

This post inspired by the comment of one TRAC attendee;

"so maybe your work is good illustration, or design, but how is it reaching for other qualities (especially in the historical model of 'painting')? (Sorry to be such a fuss, but maybe you can explain?)"

In an attempt to answer this question, which annoyed the heck out of me:

dear carol, the paintng is about a race ( a granny race) i heard about in england , in a small village; once a year the strongest young men each carry an old woman piggy back, and they race through town, the crone shouts "encouragement" while the villagers cheer them on. I ussed myself as the model for the crone, and i now know the crone dominates the runner, the tireder the runner gets the lower he'll carry the crone on his back and the more her hands pull at his neck. Crones are usually the least empowered physically, so it was great for me to see that reversed from this position. i couldn't resist adding a susrreal twist (in my granny race she's riding the young man through the night sky of a big city)..So i would not expect too many people to have heard of the granny race specifically, but i do hope that the sense of the riders empowerment over the young man comes across, and maybe brings light to the subject of how older women seem to be invisible in our society
regarding the formal painting stuff; From an art historical pov i work with traditional underpainting with glazes in oil , as will as more "wet into wet " oil techniques that leave a visible brush stroke (hair, fur, and crones hands) ... i generally like skies, lit areas and light sources to be glazed, i use the more brushy wet into wet in areas of texture. I'm also fond of a process i think i first saw in rembrandt's self portraits; using thin glazes in areas of shadow and bright, and thicker more opaque paint applied wet into wet in the lightest areas..

March 7th, 2019

cmsa; underpainting, color glazes about halfway done...Unfortunately i fear this painting is damaged beyond repair..it has three large tears now, one running right through the red ball. Any ace conservators want to take it on?


March 4th, 2019

cmsa; sometimes iconic themes seem to be in the ether, like the themes form a river that sometimes passes close to our collective consciousness and multiple artists pick up on the theme completely independent of each other...sort of like when 2 or more (un related people) discover or invent the same thing simultaneously.
While work goes on on my contemporary jesus painting i happened to notice this wonderful contemporary "alt jesus" on Shameless (tv show). Great minds think alike, right down to the blond wigs and the"luz de jesus" on the chest of my guy and glowing cig of the alt jesus????!!!

March 3rd, 2019

cmsa; This post courtesy of Pete Goldie , who saw this photo before facebook blurred it, (was a tub full of dozens of intact brains), his comment demonstrated some beautiful "paradigm shifting" and gave me another marvelous real world example for my Creative Problemsolving workshop: He said "I bet the glass jars they were in were worth more."!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 1st, 2019

cmsa; i'd say i get in about a third of the competitive exhibitions i apply for. I always wonder (being a good painter); why? Especiallly when i get a rejection email like this;

"Although your work entered in the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art's International Biennial Portrait Competition 2019 was beautiful, we are sorry to inform you that it has not been accepted in this year's exhibition.
We wish you success and all the best in your future endeavors!"
So maybe this is the rejection letter all get, cuz if they meant "beautiful" why was it declined?...


February 25th, 2019

cmsa; todays post courtesy of painter comadre Pamela Rae Baker, one of the best painters i know, and yet she struggles daily, as do I!
dear friend, i hope you realize i'm the same way, paintng never comes easy, in fact every day i face the easel thinking this is the day i won't be able to do it...seems to come with the territory; creative courage is continuing "despite your doubts, not quitting because of them!" - rollo may, love , c
This is the first painting i saw of hers; jumped out of my feed and grabbed my attention years ago...BRAVO PAMELA, PAINT ON
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February 20th, 2019

cmsa; todays blog courtesy Soma Snakeoil; i love it when people talk about "real" stuff, like this, and she paints too!
"I’m not saying give up desire, but what about that tenuous place of wanting and not having-and being okay with whatever happens? Yes, focus on a positive outcome. Yes, work towards goals. Yes, wake up each morning with an intent to crush the day. And. Nothing lasts. Neither success, failure, commitment or a sense of being satiated. Not only is success fleeting, failure is a form of success. We gain from both. Not having is as interesting and Illuminative as having, if we choose that perspective. Tension is as delicious as release. Savor not knowing. Taste uncertainty. What happens if you don’t get everything you desire? Deny yourself something special today. You deserve it. Photo: @surgeonstudios MUA: @terinagatita #edging#tension #release #uncertainty