November 20th,2015

CMSA; i never expected this, but i learned something interesting and relevant to art from the google human resources dept!!! via my son Casey Rogers,; he was talking to me about what google looks for in the people it hires, and how it selects the ones most likely to succeed; More significant than a high gpa, for instance, is the presence of "proof of passion" ; they look for people who are interested in whatever they're hiring for sooner than all their peers...demonstrated early interest in a subject constitutes "proof -of- passion" ...and those are the people they hire. Wow, sort of explains me to a T; i was never the most talented and never outstanding among my peers; yet i'm one of the very small percentage of my peers still completely devoted to daily painting. My passion was clear to me from a very early age (like the night i first read "harold and the purple crayon"); that being the night i realized that i could craft a world of my own control, feeling as i did and do: that i was mostly living in a world i had/have NO control over.....i don't have any pics of myself as a little girl so posting this one: when i played with my squirrels i felt like a little girl!