December 2nd, 2015

CMSA; today's topic, (and it seems appropriate right before the holidays), is girls and women (and some boys/men) who love bling; things that sparkle!!!!!!!!! before you discount it , you crunchy gluten free, PC, hippie friends of mine!! consider it from an evolutionary point of view; if you were a cave person and saw sparkling sun diamonds in the distance you rejoiced cuz water was near...if you stayed out too late chasing that saber tooth tiger and got lost in the dark, and than you saw sparkle on a distant cliff face, you head right for it; the hearth fire beacon...and once you got there your cave mate looked better in the sparkling flames of the fire...sort of like prehistoric "beer googles" go ahead friends; BUY YOUR BLINGED OUT FRIENDS MORE FOR CHRISTMAS; THEY'RE JUST RESPONDING TO THE BIOLOGICAL IMPERATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!