May 20th, 2017.

i remember working as a figure model to make my way through tyler. one beautiful afternoon i posed nude "alaprima". Thought the high stone wall keep the session hidden from public eye, too bad a bus load of senior citizens (who lived locally) went by high enough to see over the wall. pandemonium ensued, we all ran inside and hid from the police when they arrived. story 2; figure modeling after a cup of hot sweet tea; bee landed on my lower lip, and stayed there; his little mouth thingie i could feel as he settled in to eat all the sugar off my lips...pandemonium issued, much discussion about how to best remove bee w/o stinging my lips...i was afraid to speak lest i disturb the little devil, so all i could do when the students decided to swat it off my lip fast enough to avoid a sting, was to groan imploringly (that's what i was going for anyway). Just as a maniacal student approached me with a sketch book raised to swat, a cigarette smoker (most chain smoked in class in the 70'as) cut in front, blew smoke in my face and the bee flew away... i was saved...what was tyler like in the 70's? all i can say it was never boring!.....