April 9, 2015

CMSA, NOTES FROM LOS ANGELES; brother and sister oil painters; i recently had to give up Lead White cuz i could not keep my fingers out of the paint (the finger being my favorite blender)...the lead can be absorbed through healthy skin and the gloved finger doesn't blend as well; Zinc sucks makes for cloudy glazes ...WELL I THINK I GOT THE ANSWER BELIEVE IT OR NOT; THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING GLAZING WHITE I'VE COME ACROSS SINCE I HAD TO GIVE UP MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH LEAD; IT IS THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!BOB ROSS LIQUID WHITE, YOU KNOW, THE DUDE WITH THE FRO????? WELL THOSE COPIED PAINTINGS OF HIS ALL SEEM TO HAVE TURNED UP IN CREEPY MOTELS OFF THE INTERSTATE, BUT THIS DUDE CAME UP WITH A GREAT PRODUCT; IT DOESN'T SAY ON THE CAN WHAT'S IN THERE...I HOPE IT;S NOT LEAD????CHECK IT OUT STUDENTS PAST AND PRESENT