March 26, 2015

CMSA; Notes from Los Angeles; on the topic of FEMALE ARTISTS OFTEN BEING LATE BLOOMERS; I admit, i'm one of them; not hard to understand when you think most women devote 20 years or more to child rearing; I always painted ( pretty much every single day) but i was very isolated (pre Facebook!!)and i left off doing any kind of self promotional work during that time…So that being said, this is what i have to say on the subject of being a "late bloomer" ; It's exactly like that story of the genie stuck in the bottle; the first 300 years he was in there he said to himself; "i'll give the person who lets me out whatever he desires!" after 600 years he said "to the person who lets me out i'll give something moderately nice" after 1000 years of captivity he said to himself "i'll kill the son of a bitch who waited this long to let me out!!!"