June 13, 2014

This could explain why sistah cynda mary's school of art is working so well: Should artists support one another?

The answer is, of course, yes.

But there is more to it than simply being a kind, nice person who encourages others when one artist supports another.

Artists need to support one another because, in my mind, the giving of support is an essential component to creativity.

I always think of creativity as a circle, with energy circumnavigating the circumference. Output balanced by input drives the momentum of the circle.

You certainly create your output in your artistic creations, but you also need input. This is where one artist helps another - we can provide wonderful input and feedback, providing momentum around the creative circle.

Sometimes when I feel "stuck" in my own art, I ask myself, "Whose art have I supported recently? Where have I provided input to keep the circle going?"

Usually, I find that providing momentum to others is exactly what I need to do to keep my own creative momentum circling. Kimberly Harding