December 2nd, 2017.

cmsa; during the 20 years i lived and raised kids in rural norcal, i called myself a "kitchen table artist" ......i never stopped painting every day (necessary to my sanity). I made simple paintings representing myself as a mom and the lives of my kids. Most of the paintings were never shown, and during this time i completely lost touch with the contemporary art's one of them of my son Casey with his best bud, Zach Thiele....


November 29th, 2017.

CMSA; One of the finished paintings inspired by seeing footage of displaced hurricane victims resting and staying dry in a row of wheel barrows. "Madonna and Child" c. valle , with excellent models; Julie Smith and neighbor Kacee

November 28th, 2017.

cmsa; everything of value i've discovered as an artist, I originally came upon by rather than "thinking up" stuff, all i really have to do is recognize it when it happens..this particular pose i first saw in footage of people resting in wheel barrows during a tropical hurricane...not sure why yet, but the pose resonates with me.


November 26th, 2017.

CMSA; Commission for Howard Hospital Chapel;

"A Place for You" oil on linen

When my sister was dying of cancer at Cottage hospital in Santa Barbara, i typically stopped and looked at the oil paintings displayed every time i came and left her room, and i was comforted. They were simple landscape paintings of what appeared to be the surrounding foothills. It wasn't the image but rather the late afternoon (or early morning) light depicted that soothed me. I learned then, that golden light can touch the soul and remind the viewer of "the bigger picture". It hints at the Spirit that binds us all together, without the specific trappings of any particular religion. To paint this light, as it illuminates a typical mendo county landscape was my intention in "A Place for You".. I sincerely hope it will give solace to those who visit the chapel . Cynda Valle


November 15th, 2017.

cmsa; CYNDAMARY'S RULES TO LIVE BY" Creative Courage means continuing despite your doubts, not quitting because of them" -Rollo May... I would add; "and if you're going to fail, have the courage to do it spectacularly! Never play it safe. And remember being predictable can be fatal , creatively speaking" 
"Be married to the process, more than the initial idea"


November 14th, 2017.

CMSA; These two paintings SOLD; by todd, at "art on 5th"...maybe this texas thing is working out?????

October 14th, 2017.

cmsa; one of cmsa's most amazing alum Robert Parmenter 5 years ago, this pose from a live painting session, he let me pose him as a 70's dad after a long day at work...he's a chameleon when it comes to modeling, i swear he was channeling my own dad....
oil on canvas, c. valle


September 21st, 2017

cmsa; in most every beginning art history class the venus of willendorf shows up. She's often used to demonstrate how one may learn what is important to a culture by noticing the striking exaggerations or the things that are missing from the piece. Exaggerated breasts and belly show the reverence for fertility and reverance for the woman's role. The extra fat present demonstrates the joys of plenty and desire for same. Compare to the evil hackers' click bait that drove me off facebook for awhile...(yeah i painted it) . Very similar image and yet, what does it say is important to our culture and how we view women within it? *sigh*. I think we're in trouble. yeah, i knew this before, but the hacker makes it personal..


August 18th, 2017.


August 15th, 2017.

CMSA: Today's post courtesy of David Arshawsky; who dares to judge a few of the idiots who are calling the shots these days in this marvelous monster he made..IT REMINDS ME OF TWO OF THE BIGGEST, YES, potus, but also the "potus" of art, Damien hirst (you've seen pics of hirsts latest right David? If not, what a wonderful coincidence , check it out)..i can't believe the" art world "is finally noticing: "the emperor has no clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!", IDIOTS, I HOPE THEY ALL LOOSE A TON OF MONEY and WE ONE DAY WE GET "ART" AND OUR COUNTRY AWAY FROM THE THOUGHTLESS MERCENARIES ....


July 26th, 2017.

CMSA: THE TRANSITioNAL PAINTINGS. I work in a serial fashion, a series can be just a few paintings or, ( like the most recent one)take five years to complete, i never know much (consciously anyway) about the new series; what it's about exactly, how long it will take, or what it may mean. and most important to me, what it will look like? This period is super exciting but also super scary because it's so full of unknowns, it can feel like groping for something in a dark room. In the end I have to have faith in the subliminal mind and trust it will produce the sublime. At this point the best i can do is try to trust in the process, and stay out of my own way. Because the conscious mind insists(unless it's asleep or very bored ) on being in the drivers seat, keeping it at bay requires alot of psychic energy and discipline (like meditating or yoga). This process seems to go on forever: taking days, weeks, months, and in this case a full fucking year to complete one transitional painting. The weirdest thing is i don't know at first that the paintig i'm working on is the transitional one that i've been talking about. First clue is i keep changing my mind and repainting stuff (well i always do this, but here i'm talking about doing it so much that i doubt my sanity!), Every time i step back and look at it i hate it, resulting in ever more extreme changes so it starts to look completely unlike what i had in mind or the rest of the series. I will call it done and than 24 hours later feel compelled to take it done and make more major changes... I 'm filled with doubt and i'm not sure i know how to paint. All this comes with much anxiety and hand wringing....So that's what i've been up to this last year, painting and repainting and repainting the same painting, trying to figure out what happens next. And i have questioned my sanity and despaired with much hand wringing, but finally i think i see the light and i do have a sense of where i'm going'll have to tune in next season to see this latest transitional painting, don't want to post it til it's done. But here are a few transitional paintings from previous series. `

July 17th, 2017.

CMSA; dear mature famous oil painter in the usa; i wonder if you would mind sending me a few bucks every now and again? I think it'd only be fair; after all, in this crazy upside down art world you and i have alot in common; we've both been painting our hearts out for about 40 years and we've both gotten pretty damn good at our craft. The difference between us is that you are the 1% of oil painters, who make a very good living whereas i, still mired in the mob of "emerging artists" , make literally pennies an hour for the exact same effort and that being said; could you spare a few bucks every now and then? Sincerely, cynda ps. cvalle "dressed to kill"


June 22nd. 2017.

CMSA: The Muse
I have a muse, but it's not a beautiful woman...It's a gnarly dude named ART....ART wears a stained wife beater and sits around all day drinking beer in a broken down old Barcalounger and giving orders; He's a jealous lover too (in case he knocks on your studio door one night);he wants your undivided attention regardless of any real life commitments(family , job etc) you may have...He'd rather you be with him (in the studio) than sleep....You must attend to his every whim, cuz if you don't he may leave you and go hang out in someone else's studio...(That's happened before and you hated it!). In fact even though you love him completely and madly he will take many other lovers. Despite it all you are infatuated and do your best to please him. so if there's a knock on the studio door one night ANSWER IT, but beware


June 18th, 2017.

cmsa; i just read a timely article about the paradox of a humans need to connect with other souls (both human and animal), while at the same time, eventually, we all end up fearing the pain of love and avoiding intimacy in order to protect ourselves from it...THIS IS REASON #465 WHY I LOVE THE BREWERY AND FACEBOOK; to me, both fell like safe, secure platforms where I can make lovely heartfelt connections, while retaining strong boundaries and an inviolate personal space, to which I can take refuge any time i'm feeling fearful.. Just knowing i have a safe "homeplace" gives me the courage to explore...


May 20th, 2017.

i remember working as a figure model to make my way through tyler. one beautiful afternoon i posed nude "alaprima". Thought the high stone wall keep the session hidden from public eye, too bad a bus load of senior citizens (who lived locally) went by high enough to see over the wall. pandemonium ensued, we all ran inside and hid from the police when they arrived. story 2; figure modeling after a cup of hot sweet tea; bee landed on my lower lip, and stayed there; his little mouth thingie i could feel as he settled in to eat all the sugar off my lips...pandemonium issued, much discussion about how to best remove bee w/o stinging my lips...i was afraid to speak lest i disturb the little devil, so all i could do when the students decided to swat it off my lip fast enough to avoid a sting, was to groan imploringly (that's what i was going for anyway). Just as a maniacal student approached me with a sketch book raised to swat, a cigarette smoker (most chain smoked in class in the 70'as) cut in front, blew smoke in my face and the bee flew away... i was saved...what was tyler like in the 70's? all i can say it was never boring!.....