oct 8

 tim barr, featured artist on the feed today; here's the link to a recent article about his work; http://somervillemanning.com/timothy-barr-american-art-collector-magazine/, ...strange we were both painters born...but during those years we didn't paint at all and i don't even remember talking about painting with him..why was tyler like that for us Tim Barr??seems like we missed something important ? anyway here's another nice thing tim said about painting and his recent cover story; " i'm going for hard edge without that awful stilted feeling. I always remember someone saying that paintings are a game of some kind that is won at the edges. " yeah, i know what you mean tim! ...know what you mean tim! i

sept 17

  • MANY LAYERED GLAZED PAINTINGS; have you experienced "drift" ? it's that tendency for the features in a figurative, many layered oil painting to grow (outward usually) more with each pass, as you very quickly loose any guiding lines you may have had in the first layer, you don't notice how far off your proportions are in subsequent ones, until all of a sudden the subject of your portrait looks slightly demented.. common "drift" problems; eyes too big, too far apart,eyes "crooked" or asymmetrical, nose too long, area between nose and upper lip too short, nose too wide, mouth too wide and too long..i have my own personal problems with drift atleast once , and usually more with every painting. keep re confirming your proportions as you go...in the excitement of paintng it's easy to forget.

sept 14

NOTES FROM LEFT FIELD...My students hear me say it often; NBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!; "Not Beautiful Enough"; it doesn't mean a bad painting, it means a painting that is as yet not done; lacking as it does that little something so unique that only YOU can think of it...we (the critique/viewers) can't anticipate what that may be, but when we see it we love it and it finishes the painting making it " beautiful enough" You will come to this "finish " in the painting's own time; which means you may have to be patient and wait...or try 20 of the wrong things til you find it at last

sep 3

CMSA; Here's a little something for my students that describes the recent workshop i taught called; Painting from the Heart; "A dram of anxiety, a pinch of wonderment, and a keg of determination is the recipe for invention....The revelations you seek arise from the violent copulation of opposing thoughts, the mix of CONTRARY materials and moods..." from a novel about a 19th century inventor called "A Case of Curiosities" by Allen Kurzweil with

aug 18

in the last 500(+) years humans have been working with oil paint; there exists a wealth of information on the subject. each generation absorbs existing knowledge and THAN GOES ON TO ADD THEIR OWN UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE...That lovely chain (from knowledge to creative insight) was broken around 1940 and only recently have artists been interested in learning from it again. I'm glad of that; "those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it" : In this age that prizes original thought more than anything.."repeating history" sounds like the antithesis of the creative insights we seek...